We’ll look after you:

‣ Thorough Oral Examinations and Diagnosis
‣ Extractions and Wisdom Teeth removal
‣ Crowns, Bridges, Porcelain Veneers and Onlays
‣ Implant replacement of missing teeth
‣ Scaling & Cleaning, Treatment of Gum Disease
‣ Root Canal Treatment
‣ Teeth Whitening
‣ White fillings (composite) and Silver fillings (amalgam)
‣ Comprehensive Explanations and Discussions of Treatment Options
‣ Dental Hygiene, Prevention and Advice
‣ Dental Emergencies, Pain relief and Trauma
‣ Specialist Referrals
‣ Mouth Guards / Splints

Dr Irene Tan B.D.Sc

Serene Ong